Who are we?

Siv.ing. Haakon Wiig AS is an engineering company, founded in 1982 and owned by Haakon Wiig.

Our strategy

To develop electronics and software for industrial customers who are large companies domestic or worldwide.

Haakon Wiig was inspired by J.F. Kennedy’s statement: “We choose to go to the moon, not because it is easy, but because it is hard.”


We are 4 fulltime high skilled Master of Science engineers and have several freelance engineers and engineer students that are involved in prototype production as well as other projects.

Financial info

Our company has achieved AAA ranking, with a turnover of NOK 6.5mill, and an operation profit of 1.4mill. Our equity ratio: 80%, 12mill.

Org No / VAT No: 943 880 417

Our history

The beginning

Haakon Wiig started his career at Mycron in Oslo. There he developed Mytekst, an advanced word processing system which became a leading product on Mycron computers in the 1980-1990 century. Tiki-Data was eventually established by Lars Monrad Krohn - the founder of Mycron - where Haakon made the text editor Brum.

In the period 1980-1984 he studied at NTH in Trondheim, Norway, where he eventually got his Master of Science degree. In 1982, he won the Young Scientist Prize for the BEDIT (Basic Disk Editor) software, which was used to save data from failed floppy disks and hard drives. After his studies, Haakon served as a researcher at the FFI (Armed Forces Research Institute in 1984-1985).

The history of Siv.ing. Haakon Wiig AS

Siv.ing. Haakon Wiig and Hego Timing System were founded in 1982. Holmenkollen in Oslo needed a new supplier of timing and result services. Hence, Haakon founded Hego Timing System while still studying at NTH. At this time, there was a lot of work for Mycron and Tiki-Data, which lead to Haakon employing two people. This was the start of Siv.ing Haakon Wiig AS. After the military service, the business increased and gradually moved its offices from Haakon’s home basement to rented offices in Brumunddal, Norway. In 2000 Siv.ing. Haakon Wiig AS moved into its own building in Tiurveien 24 in Brumunddal.

The 1994 Olympics was a major breakthrough for the company, and we experienced an enormous growth. We became responsible for all timing, TV graphics and scoreboards in all sports arenas during the Olympics. This included 3 years of intense work on the design, development, testing and implementation of these services before and throughout the Olympics. The budget was more than NOK 100 million. We planned and managed all cabling for different kinds of services. We also created control systems for the TV graphics, and for LOOC and NRK we created all graphics systems in all arenas. We designed all timing systems and collaborated closely with SEIKO in Japan who sponsored and provided the services at all venues, except cross-country skiing and biathlon which we provided.


Moelven Mechanical Industry (Moelven Hägglunds) began in the 1990s development of an advanced deicer vehicle. Siv.ing. Haakon Wiig AS was then commissioned to develop the electronics and computer systems for the control of all mechanics and automation. It became the start of 20 years of delivering services for industry.

When AVINOR decided to build a new main airport at Gardermoen, we contracted to develop a completely new control system for deiceing. Together with SAS, we developed a complete system for coordination of deiceing built into a control tower for deicing at Gardermoen. Moelven Mechanical Industry then decided to shut down all civilian production and the deicer vehicles were sold to Safeaero AB in Trelleborg, Sweden. Deicer production is still done in Trelleborg, where we deliver custom made electronics and software to Safeaero’s deicers. Since then, it has been built over 40 deicer vehicles which have been delivered to a number of countries in Europe. Safeaero has now been acquired by Textron in the United States, and through Textron we have established business in the US market with our products.

KappEx / GlueIT

In addition to deicing, the development of a new production system for Moelven Limtre factories was a major project for us. The factories have been through a rationalization process and the manufacturing have been improved, many thanks to our KappEx system. KappEx has modernized the entire production of cutting of laminated wood in the factories and warehouses in Norway, Sweden and Germany. The system was developed over a period of 7 years, and became a full-fledged production system which keeps track of orders from they are registered until the goods are loaded on a car. Eventually, KappEx has been expanded to include larger parts of the lime production and a new generation has been developed, GlueIT.


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