We develop advanced database systems and digital solutions used by a variety of different businesses. One example is the systems used by Birken AS for their sports events. These systems handle registration and safe storage of results and participant data for tens of thousands of sports event participants every year.

We also develop software systems for the industry. One such product is the KappEx manufacturing system, which processes orders to calculate optimal cutting of laminated wood at Moelven Limtre AS. We have also developed a platform for coordinating and controlling deicers on airports, and more.


In our laboratories we design and develop our own electronics. We custom build it for the customers needs, and develop corresponding optimalized software. We have delivered electronics to a wide range of industries: Moelven Limtre laminated wood factories in conjunction with our production system KappEx, Safeaero AB for controlling their deicer trucks, SAAB Aerospace for controlling radars, and more.

Project management

We have extensive experience with project management, and often participate in mangaging our customers projects. Through the many projects we have participated in, we have acquired competence in requirements design, coordinating, contract handling, and more.


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